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A design created in ArtiosCAD that contains special rule types (non standard / generic line types), for ex. from generic type 'cut-crease' does not display the total Crease length correctly in the ARD file and in its related MFG file. It displays 0 length for Crease. (Menu: Info > Rule Length).

Detecting the correct rule length for all line types, both generic and special rules, can be important for dieboards / outputs to other file formats in the overall workflow.


In the ARD file, go to Info > Rule Length. Here, the total Crease length for the lines of type 'cut-crease' (special rules) are not detected, but considered as 'other rules', for ex. special rule R25/25:

The same occurs when converting the ARD file to MFG. The Crease lines are not detected when it concerns to the special rule part.


  1. In the ARD file, select all concerned special rules
  2. Go to Menu Tools > Adjust > Expand special rules.
    The rule length for Crease will now be detected and 'Other Rules' will now be 0, as shown below:
  3. Save the file and convert to MFG or send to an output, based on your needs.
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