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This article explains how to measure Equinox press charts with the Esko ECI2002 layout.

These charts are not available in Color Engine Pilot by default. They are provided by solution architects during an Equinox implementation.

An example of such a chart:


  1. Measure all the charts with Color Engine Pilot and give them a logical name, e.g.: ECI2002_CMYK, ECI2002_OMYK, ECI2002_CGMK, ECI2002_CMBK.
  2. Open the profile(s).
  3. Export the measurement data of these profiles via File > Export.
  4. Select CGATS data files (*.txt) as type and click the Export button.
  5. Select the Press (Esko Profiles) icon in the tool bar.
  6. Click File > Import Equinox Profile.
  7. Select CMYK Orange Green Blue as Ink set.
  8. Click the Open Folder icon to browse to the CMYK Data (ECI2002_CMYK).
  9. Repeat step 9 to import the other measurement data.
    1. Orange Sector Data: ECI2002_OMYK
    2. Green Sector Data: ECI2002_CGMK
    3. Blue Sector Data: ECI2002_CMBK
  10. Type the Profile Name.
  11. Click the OK button to create the Equinox Profile.
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