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ColorTone can access the old Ink Books, but not new ones.


Problem starts following an upgrade of ColorTone 7 workstation (Windows 7) to the latest version (found on 10 Assembly 2 media) in combination with the upgrade of the system to Suite 14.

ColorTone previously could access all Ink Books.

The color palette shows all colors in black:


Edit the BG_DATA_CMS_V010 System Environment variable on the computer to use the UNC path to the central CMS data server.

  1. Right-click on your computer icon from desktop or Start menu and select Properties.
  2. Click Advanced System Settings > Environment Variables... .
  3. Find the variable BG_DATA_CMS_V010 and edit to use the format \\YourServerName\bg_data_cms_v010 (in place of C:Esko\...)
  4. Click OK to apply the change. 

Now start ColorTone and access all Ink Books.

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ColorTone 7

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