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Is it possible to send out an e-mail notification to all WebCenter users?


There is no direct way to easily send out an e-mail notification to all WebCenter users yet. To send out e-mail notifications such as maintenance schedules or newsletters, it is recommended to create your own distribution list. A new feature that allows Admins to send out e-mail notifications to all users is planned for the WebCenter 14.1 release.

There are some options in currently released versions of WebCenter that send out e-mail notifications or notify users in another way. These options are described below.

Notifications Preferences

WebCenter can automatically send out e-mail notifications to users. E-mail notifications can be sent out based on certain events. For example, an e-mail notification may be sent out when a user needs to approve a document. These settings can even be defined per project or template. It is also possible to have the system send out automatic reminder notifications (system wide setting).

Also see: Notifications Preferences in the WebCenter User Documentation.

If you have trouble configuring e-mail notifications, see Configure Email Notifications.

Send Notification Workflow Node

Another way to send out e-mail notifications is to use the Send notification workflow node (only available for WebCenter installations with Life Cycle Management license). Using this workflow node, you could send out an e-mail to all users, if you were to add them all to a group first as the To field can take SmartNames such as Group names. Please consider this option carefully as to not spam your complete user base.

Also see: Send Notification node in the WebCenter User Documentation.

Static Text Customization

Instead of sending everybody an e-mail notification, you might want to consider using Static Text customization. There are a few places in WebCenter where you can display your own simple HTML page. For example, on the Login or the Welcome page. Informing users of an oncoming maintenance window via a message on the Login page might do the trick as well.

Also see: Customize Static Text in the WebCenter User Documentation.

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