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When starting a check and recalibrate procedure for my proofer, I get the following error:

"The Linearization File stored in the profile differs from the Linearization File used on the device. To Check and Recalibrate this device, select a profile with matching Linearization File."

What does this mean?


Each proofer profile is created with the settings from a specific EPL (linearization file).

The EPL controls how the ink is applied to the paper, so it is integral to how the profile was created. It's not possible to recalibrate a profile using a different EPL because the charts will print differently. There will be a yellow exclamation mark next to any proofer which has a profile assigned that does not match the EPL.

Correct this by setting the correct profile to the device in Color Engine with the Set Profile button. Make sure that the check box at the bottom, Show only profiles with matching Linearization File is checked. This will show only those profiles that were created using that EPL.

If the profile is correct but the EPL is not, that can be changed in the Proof Client on the Output Device's Device: Media: Calibration Set menu.

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