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JDF layout workflows are working normally, but for a given JDF job, you receive the following error: "TASK ENDED IN ERROR: Import imposition..." followed by "Caused by: FromHex:illegal char <'>".


This error is from the Create Imposition from JDF layout task.

The layout application can successfully generate a PDF of the same layout, but error appears at Create Imposition from JDF layout task in your workflow when use the JDF from your layout application.

The Automation Engine task log for Create Imposition from JDF layout will show similar to this near the end of the log contents:
Caused by: " FromHex:illegal char <'>".

Where the illegal character to look for in your PDF file names is contained within the < >.  In this case, an apostrophe.


Remove the illegal character from the names of the offending PDF and generate a new populated JDF.

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Automation Engine all versions

Last revised06-Jan-16
CW Number262106, 552177