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When you use the To Do list in Automation Engine, you will not only see the items you need to act on but all action items for the whole server. Below we will create a smart view to sort the To Do list for a user.  


  1. Click the To Do list in the Pilot interface. 
  2. At the top of the screen you will be able to search the To Do list. Start typing in the field. Once you do, a plus symbol will show up at the side of the screen. See screenshot below:
  3. Click the plus symbol and from the drop-down click Operator. See screenshot above.
  4. Once you have selected the correct operator (you can do this using the box in the right of the field or typing their name@server), you will be able to click Save. See screenshot below.
  5. This will create a smart view at the side of your interface as shown in the screenshot above.
  6. Once you have configured this smart view, you will be able to click in the bottom right of your screen and can also see the filter as a drop down in your to do list. 
    When you select a user under this drop down, this list will show only action items of the selected user and it will be there even if you reboot pilot.
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Automation Engine 14

Last revised26-Sep-14
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