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When the ArtiosCAD installation is modified, a dialog box is displayed with an error message about unable to locate "Esko ArtiosCAD XX.Xen.MSI" file. The dialog box provides a Browse button but the location of the media needs to be known.


Changing or modifying the features of ArtiosCAD requires the installation media. If you get the above message, how to find from where ( whether a DVD, network path or a mapped drive) ArtiosCAD was installed from. ArtiosCAD remembers the location of the media in a file call ACADSetup.log in the root of C:\ drive.


  1. Navigate to the root of C:\ drive.
  2. Open a file called "ACADSetup.log" with a text editor.
  3. Search for the string "OriginalDatabase".

This will provide the original path from where ArtiosCAD was installed.

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