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After upgrading to Suite 14, the i-cut tickets do not appear in the Tickets View of the Pilot.


The following tasks do not appear in the Pilot/Tickets View after upgrading to Suite 14 even though the license for the Layout Module is activated.

  • Export Nested Layouts
  • Prepare Graphics for nesting
  • Create Tiles
  • Import Sheet Sizes from XML
  • Submit to Gang Run
  • Submit XML to Gang Run


The tasks in the Layout Module changed in the Suite 14 upgrade. The Layout Module license does not get upgraded because it is not version specific and since new tasks were added to the Layout Module, the Layout Module License needs to be deactivated and activated again. Once this happens, the new TBB's are activated and the new tasks will appear in the Tickets View of the Pilot.

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Automation Engine 14.0

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