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What important features are missing in Imaging Engine 14.0 ?

In July 2014 we released Imaging Engine, our new rip based on the Adobe® PDF Print Engine. Below we list what is missing; these features are planned for the next major release 14.1 (planned for June 2015).


Important features that are not yet in 14.0:

  • CIP3
  • Certain Screening (Seamless, Highline XM, Hybrid Screens from Nexus, Scaled Nexus FM dots)
  • FlexproofE replacement
  • Content Proofing (to replace old FlexProof flavors (GDI, RTL) as well as Nexus content proof
  • Object based screening and calibration from ArtPro

We will soon start with the Prerelease of Imaging Engine 14.1. In case you urgently need one of the above features, you can contact your local Support. We will evaluate if you can join the prerelease program.

For a detailed list of the features that are available in 14.0, please check this article:

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