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In a FlexProofE workflow, what is the recommended RIP Resolution setting in the Proof Client?

The RIP resolution can defined in the workflow:

  1. Workflow tab
  2. Speed section


The recommended RIP Resolution setting for a FlexproofE workflow is Standard. This will RIP the file at 720 DPI.

High Quality RIPs the file at 1440 DPI. In most cases, High Quality will not increase quality but will take longer to process. A 720 DPI file will produce a file that is smooth enough to proof at any proofer resolution, so, it is not necessary to take the extra time needed to RIP the file at 1440 DPI.

The exception is that High Quality is the recommended setting for any dot proofing workflow. Using the Standard resolution when dot proofing could lead to moiré at 130lpi screens and above.

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FlexProofE 14.0.1

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