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How do I use an ICPACK file in Curve Pilot?  How is this different from an ICPRO?


An ICPACK file is essentially a ZIP file containing a collection of curves. It can contain one or more DGC files or ICPRO files. It is also handled differently - it is not possible to use the import function to add the contents of an ICPACK to the system. This needs to be done with the Unpack... function in the File menu of Curve Pilot. 

  1. Zip a collection of curve files with the File: Pack command.
  2. This will open a dialog where it is possible to add curves to the archive, name and then save the ICPACK file.
  3. Unzip an ICPACK file with the File: Unpack command. The included curves will then be automatically written to the correct location.
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Curve Pilot 14.0

Curve Pilot 12.0

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