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The Plato editor can set up a template file. This template file can be exported to a Normalized PDF that can be used with the Create Report (ReportMaker) task.

The ReportMaker task is included in the Reporting and 3D Module.


Follow the steps given below to create report with Plato:

  1. Create a new document in Plato.

  2. Define the document sizes (Plate and Sheet). In my sample I created a 11 x 8.5 document size.

  3. In the Production menu, choose SmartMarks.

  4. Add Image Mark.
  5. Click SmartName > SmartText and choose the task input file.

  6. Add other SmartNames as needed.
  7. In the File menu, choose Export. Choose the Normalized PDF format and Save.

Packed sample Plato file attached here: report_template.pafsc

To unpack file, use Create PAF / JPG / XML (LinkEdge) task or LinkEdge application.

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