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When creating calculated expressions to be used on Reports or in database Userfields, what are the different formatting options available?


Typically when creating a calculated expression, the formatting options are available via the calculated expression Properties page:

These options in essence hide the underlying Interact scripting function being used.

In certain cases, it may be necessary to manually create this expression. In such cases, the function being used is called NUMTEXT and it has a number of parameters:

NUMTEXT(val, iformat, ndecimals, btrailzero)


val - number being formatted (e.g. CAL)

iformat - formatting option

= 0, Default format for length values, depends on units

= 1, Decimals

= 2, Big fractions

= 3, Small fractions

= 4, Sixteenths

ndecimals - number of decimal places

If iformat = 0, number of decimal places is ignored

If iformat >= 2, number of decimal places is used when the value does not round to an exact number of 1/64ths or 1/16ths

btrailzero - option to show trailing zeros

= 1, Include trailing zeros.

= 0, No trailing zeros.

For example, the expression NUMTEXT(L,1,2,1) will produce the result 3.50 when L has a value of 3.5.

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