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How to launch an executable from within ArtiosCAD?


In certain workflows it may be convenient to launch an external application/executable directly from within ArtiosCAD. The current ArtiosCAD/Outputs functionality has options to do just this.

  1. To start, you can either copy an existing or create a new Output in ArtiosCAD Defaults.
  2. Under the Output Options click the Advanced tab and check the Launch Executable checkbox as shown below:
  3. The Application to Launch should specify the full path to the executable to launch. You may omit the path and just specify the executable name if the executable can be found via the current Windows search path.
  4. When the Block ArtiosCAD until complete option is checked, ArtiosCAD will wait for the executable to exit before returning.
  5. It is important to note that in this configuration the Output will still run normally as configured and then the application will launch. To disable this, you must turn on theOutput through command file option and keep the EXE field blank, as shown below:
  6. This will disable the normal Output processing and simply launch the executable.

Other options to consider include:

  • There is an option to omit the output dialog altogether. You can find it in the Output Type tab as shown below:

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