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How do I set different inks and merge them to one output file in Imaging Engine Adobe® PDF RIP?


If the ink name is the same name on both separations, for example with object based screening, the inks will automatically merge. In this case it's not possible to unmerge them.

To merge inks with different names, you will need to use the 'Optimize PDF Separations' task because merge inks is not currently available in the Imaging Engine tickets.This ticket is part of the Processor module (not in the basic Automation Engine).

Optimize PDF Separations

  • Please make sure you define a new file name. Otherwise your original file is overwritten.
  • In the Remap Inks section, you add (click the + button) your existing ink and map/merge it to another existing ink.

In case of an Imaging Engine Pilot (previously FlexRip Pilot/Handler), the 'Optimize PDF Separations' ticket is included in the Imaging Engine Pilot license.

Since 18.0.1, we have a better solution for merging inks via an PDF Action List - see KB224991799: Automation Engine / Imaging Engine - Merging Separations using PDF Action Lists. The unmerging of inks is not planned at this moment.

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