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How to change a task's priority where many tasks have the Status "Waiting" and you look to prioritize or advance one or more tasks before or after the others.


  1. If you look to manipulate the order of pending tasks in the Task list or Queue for a given output device, choose Priority… in the contextual menu of the task. Here you can set the task(s) you want to have wait until later to Low or set the item(s) you need processed sooner to High
  2. In the example, after setting task 48807 to High, it remains in the same relative spot in the Tasks overview, but it is raised to the top of the CPU Queue for processing before 48806. In the case of a FlexRip, you will find a Queue for the Device where you see only tasks queued for the particular Device. Here too, you can change the order the tasks to be processed by using Priority….
  3. Additionally, you might use the Set Priority Automation Engine workflow control to do this in-line, in case you know when launching the Parent workflow, that you will always want the subsequent task(s) to move ahead of others.
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