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What is the difference between Property Defaults in ArtiosCAD Defaults and in Design Edit menu?


  • In ArtiosCAD Defaults, we have Property Defaults:

    This data is used for new designs. When a new design is created Property Defaults are copied from Defaults to the new document. The new document will use these data for interaction with Design tools.
    For example: if the user starts the Text tool, then the tool will use Property Defaults Text data to initialize data for the new text item.
    Property Default Text page:

    Text tool new item data:


  • ArtiosCAD has Property Defaults in Design Edit menu:

    This allows the user to modify Property Defaults to be something different than what is specified in Defaults for the current design. When the design is saved, Property Defaults will also be saved in the design file. When user restores saved design, Property Defaults data get restored from design file too.
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