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How do I organize My Favorites tickets in the View menu of Automation Engine 14?


  1. When the Automation Engine Pilot is open, in the Files menu, right click in the right side panel to open the contextual menu as shown below.
  2. Click Organize Favorites.
  3. The Organize Favorites window will pop up and the options to add favorites, Add... by SmartNames, Modify... and Remove are available.
  4. When a favorite is added to the list, the Organization buttons on the bottom right become available.
  5. By selecting an existing favorite, you can use the Move Up or Move Down buttons to organize your favorites accordingly. 

Issues have been reported in version 14 concerning the Move Up and Move Down buttons not appearing. This has been solved in version 16 of the Esko Software Platform. If you have issues with organizing your favorites, please consider upgrading your Automation Engine.

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  1. You can also use SmartNames to define favorite tickets. 

    Learn more in the latest user manual, specifically this page, including a nice trick to avoid creating many favorites of a same task type.