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If XL–Guide is set to Folding Carton Application, when a sample file is selected to cut, folding carton matrix function automatically enables. 

Here's how to turn this function off.


  1. Open ArtiosCAD directory on Table’s frontend computer.
  2. Select Options < Defaults. In Shared Defaults, scroll down to Outputs directory > Artios directory.
  3. Find/Open Kongsberg CADX Outputs (Do Not Change) Dir.

    This frontend has Artios Version 6.3

  4. Find/Open Kongsberg CADX F/C sample and matrix (newer version 7.0 says… F/C samplemaking).

  5. Click Device tab. At bottom left you should see: CAM Driver Options.
  6. In the box is:
  7. Click the box with 3 dots just to the right.
  8. Highlight the data and erase it all- everything in the box. Save out of the Artios Program.
  9. Start XL-Guide.
  10. Select folding carton > select a sample file.
  11. Now, the matrix function will NOT enable itself automatically.
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