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What is the difference between the Overprint modes in SmartMarks for Plato and PackEdge?


Here is an explanation for Overprint modes inside the SmartMarks in Plato and PackEdge:

  1. Opaque - Will make the selected color behave as an opaque ink. Meaning it's not transparent and always 100%.
  2. Darken - Looks at the color information in each channel and selects the base or blend color (whichever is darker) as the result color. Pixels lighter than the blend color are replaced, and pixels darker than the blend color do not change.
  3. Postscript - This option sets the mark to do a postscript overprint. That is, if 10% of Cyan overprints on 100% Cyan, the end result is 10%. 
  4. Add - This option will add the colors on top to colors resulting in a mix of the two inks that is darker than the original two similar inks. 
  5. Reverse - Knocks out the selected ink in the underlying separation. For instance, if you select Magenta, it will be knocked out in the Magenta separation.
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