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What is the maximum limit on the number of layers in ArtiosCAD?


ArtiosCAD has a hard limit of 99 user layers in an ARD. This limit includes previously deleted layers. It is possible to reuse deleted layers so that they do not count against your current layer count. Deleted layers linger in order to allow re-buildability to be preserved. Some layers and items may be referenced internally and must therefore exist.

To reuse an already existing layer, follow the procedures described here:

It may be that the reused layer was of a different type than the new one you wish to create. In this case, reuse the layer and simply change its properties.

If rebuild functionality has been turned off in the file, the deleted layers are permanently deleted.

Limit increased

As of 14.1.1, the limit has been increased to 250.

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ArtiosCAD 14.0.1

ArtiosCAD 14.1.1

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