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Customer made some standard PDF files in DeskPack with Flexo angles (DeskPack ink manager). But after ripping in Imaging Engine, the flexo angles become offset angles, why?

Or Standard PDF is made out of DeskPack or ArtPro with screen settings like the ruling, but this ruling is not taken over in Imaging Engine.


When defining Esko screen settings (such as ruling, angle, dot) in DeskPack and you want to import that file in an Esko environment, then you have to use Normalized PDF file format. There are two ways to do this:

Method 1:

Export to Normalized PDF file directly from DeskPack. For this you need to have the Data Exchange free plugin installed. Choose File > Export... to Normalized PDF file.
This will result in a normalized PDF which will be "made fat" to a new PDF in the pre-rip phase in Imaging Engine ripping task.

Method 2:

Save as a standard PDF file. This will add screening XMP to the standard PDF file, which then must be normalized to a new PDF.  During this normalization, the option "Use angle and rulings from File if available" must be activated.

After both cases, the new normalized PDF will have necessary screening information for Object Based Screening for each object and thus will be RIPPED correctly.

The problem mentioned above is that if the customer uses Method 2, they should make sure that the file is normalized so that the XMP and the PDF contents regarding the screens are in sync.

In Imaging Engine task > Separations tab if you specify to use screening info from file, it will ignore the XMP info and try to read the screening info from the PDF content. If this info is not found, the Default offset screening will be applied.

The same goes when exporting from other applications like ArtPro (or PackEdge). In order to have the XMP info, export to a normalized PDF file. This information can be used when outputting to Imaging Engine.

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Applies toImaging Engine 14 and newer
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