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How to use Select by Filetype in the Select File task?


It has more or less lost it's function and it's actually an OS thing.

In the days before file extensions were used, files were categorized using types, tagged by corresponding codes with a maximum of 4 characters. This allowed the OS to know what applications could open that particular document. It compared the code to a database with possible applications. A default application could also be defined using these codes. It was also possible to create customcodes as a developer to open certain filetypes in certain applications. This is what Nexus is using, these codes are officially not used anymore by OS/X, support stopped after 10.6.8.

Character codes that could be useful if you want to use them would be for PDF and txt files.

Some examples of codes:

  • text file TEXT
  • TIFF image TIFF
  • TrueType font tfil

There are no specific codes determined for ArtPro.

We recommend to use Documenttype or select by name, file ends with and enter the extension.

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