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I have numerous sizes of art from 3 x 3 inches to 40 x 32 inches. I need to have the SmartMark at the top of the art, sized dynamically to the width of the art. SmartMark needs to be scaled large for larger document sizes and small for smaller document sizes. Can one SmartMark be generated to accomplish this? Examples below


SmartMarks and a workflow can be created to generate the SmartMark sized dynamically to fit the width of the trim box.

  1. Create the SmartMark with the logo and SmartText.

  2. Create workflow with the following steps (sample attached below):

    1. Mark File - marks original file.

    2. Add SmartMark - Adds SmartMark that you created above.

    3. Optimize PDF DocumentLayers tab Remove Layers Except for SmartMark* this saves only the SmartMark layer as a new file named JustMark.pdf. This file is saved in the JobFolder/subfolder using SmartNames.

    4. Optimize and Clean – Fit borders to the SmartMark. Output to file named JustMark.pdf.

    5. Select - original file selected.

    6. Add SmartMark - SmartMark Image Mark added to original file – Image mark set to scale to defined area width (define below).
  3. Create a second SmartMark as an Image Mark with Scale to Fit option. Name field should contain the same path as above.

Sample workflow

Sample SmartMarks Text_Scale.grs Text_Scale2.grs. Copy these to Automation Engine Server - C:\Esko\bg_data_marks_v010\dat

Sample logo ESKOartwork_pos_CMYK.pdf. Copy this file to Automation Engine Server - C:\Esko\bg_data_marks_v010\dat\images

If the SmartMark only contains SmartText - automatic sizing can be done by using SmartText.

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