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 Is there a way to back up Esko licenses?


Yes, you can make a manual backup of your Esko licenses. By doing so, you will create an HTML file with the licenses.

The procedure is the same for both Local and Network licenses.

  1. Open either your Esko Network License Manager or Esko Local License Manager.
  2. Click Save product keys....
  3. Save the HTML file.
  4. Copy the HTML file to a safe location along with your other backup files.

From Suite 14 onwards, after each activation or deactivation, your licenses which are active after the activation or deactivation procedure are saved automatically in your Documents folder as:

  • ProductKeys_Esko_Local_YourComputerName.HTML
  • or ProductKeys_Esko_Network_YourComputerName.HTML

The Documents folder is a localized folder name, appropriate for your current platform Windows or Mac OS X and your current language selection.

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Local License Manager all versions

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