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  • Is it possible to connect an external WebCenter to an internal Automation Engine (or vice versa)?
  • Is it possible to create Automation Engine Jobs from WebCenter, when they are not in the same LAN?


WebCenter 14.1 and newer

Since WebCenter 14.1 and Automation Engine 14.1, it is possible to connect WebCenter and Automation Engine, even if the servers are not in the same LAN.

For more information on how to do this, see Configure Workflow Approval and Tunnel Clients.

WebCenter 14.0.x and older

When Automation Engine and WebCenter are not in the same LAN, limited functionality is available in older versions of WebCenter.

For instance, it is possible to publish files on WebCenter from Automation Engine, to create Projects from Automation Engine Jobs and to receive approval feedback in Automation Engine in case a Workflow Approval Client has been configured. The WebCenter Workflow Connection which allows you to create and update Jobs or start workflows in Automation Engine, however, only works inside the same network.

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WebCenter 14.0.2 and older

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