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Customer cannot use his activated licenses because the Network License Manager is showing the following message at the bottom.

Cannot connect to License Server. Please check your network set up


On the Mac OS X platform, the Network License Manager may expose this status message as displayed below.


  1. Go to the Applications folder.
  2. Go to the Esko License Server.
  3. Double-click the Server
  4. The Licence Server will be started again and the message will disappear.
  5. Licenses can be used again.

On the Mac OS X platform, the License Server must be started manually. On the Windows platform, the License server is running as a service and is launched automatically at boot time.

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Network License Manager on Mac Systems

Last revised06-Mar-15
CW Number292724



  1. On Windows, you can restart the FLEXlm License Manager via Start > Programs > Esko > System Controller > Tools > License Server Administration > LM Service Administration-tab > Start the FLEXlm License manager service

  2. what if there is only network license manager folder ,no system controller?