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Files created in dedicated software such as Esko DeskPack may contain a CAD link, which allows opening the Graphic file with a linked CAD overlay in the Viewer together. Since WebCenter 14.1, it is also possible to use Document References to refer to a CAD Overlay. Since WebCenter 18.1, this has been expanded to work with Collada files as well. However, to use this new functionality, you need a few Attributes and Attributes Categories with fixed names. 

This article describes how to set up a CAD Document Reference, by importing sample Attribute Categories.


To set up a CAD Document Reference, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Attributes Attribute Categories from the main Admin menu.
  2. Click Import (top right) and import the following file: CAD_Attributes.xml
  3. Two new Attribute Categories are created on your system: 

      Do not rename this Attribute Category or the Attributes it contains.

    2. CAD_ATTRIBUTES containing the Attribute: CAD_REFERENCE.

      Do not rename the CAD_REFERENCE Attribute and make sure its Reference Category is set to CAD_ALIGNMENT_ATTRIBUTES.

      You may rename the CAD_ATTRIBUTES Attribute Category, add other Attributes, or use the CAD_REFERENCE Attribute in an existing Attribute Category.

  4. In the CAD_ATTRIBUTES Category, configure any allowed Document Source(s) for the CAD Document Reference. 

  5. Assign the CAD_ATTRIBUTES Attribute Category to a Graphics file. Alternatively you can choose ConfigureDocument Types in your Project/Template and configure CAD_ATTRIBUTES as the Default Attribute Category for Graphics and Images uploaded to that Project/Template.
  6. Select or upload a CAD Reference (ARD or Collada) file, in the Attribute Category of your (new) file. 

  7. Open the Graphics file in the Viewer once the View files are prepared. The CAD Reference will be loaded in the CAD Overlay (Structure Document in WebCenter 18.1) section of the Document Select widget. 

    Example ARD Overlay:

    Example Collada (WebCenter 18.1 or later):

  8. Use the Orientation and Alignment tools to align your Graphics and CAD (ARD Structure document), or the Printable Part and Finishing Profile to preview Collada files with graphics (WebCenter 18.1 or later). Click Save to submit your changes.
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WebCenter 14.1 and newer

Last revised16-April-19
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