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Is it possible to measure the Esko profiling charts in mirrored layout? 

For example, if you want to proof on transparent substrate and be able to verify your colors.


No, this is officially not possible in the classic Color Engine Pilot at the moment.

However, you can set a logical:


if you do this then the table will not automatically move from the first crosshair to the second and the third. Instead, when asked to position on the top-left crosshair, you position on the top-right. When asked to position on the second top-right crosshair, you position on the top left one. etc.

The new generation of Color Engine Pilots have the reading of mirrored charts implemented. The Color Engine Pilot 13.3 is a good example but this application is only delivered to HP for their digital presses. The Equinox Profile Creator is another example , this application will be on the Suite 14.1 DVD


You can implement a workaround by placing the chart on the test form twice: normally and in mirror.

So, only one set of plates need to be made and the printing can be either way and still be measured from one or the other chart.

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