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How can Overdue Task or Approval Reminder e-mails be discontinued without stopping E-mail Notifications for the entire system?

You might want to stop Overdue Reminders in case of a Test WebCenter system, or for Test Projects that are not completed, but have pending tasks.


You can either delete these Projects, or the Project Status can be set to non-Active in case you wish to save the projects for a certain period of time.

Both the actions can be done in bulk. Deleting Projects is possible from a Project Search or from the Projects page.

To change the Project Status of multiple Projects, perform the following steps:

  1. Choose Search > Projects from the main menu. 
  2. Use any combination of filters that results in your desired list of Projects.
  3. Enable Search Panel Design.
  4. Enable the Editable option for Project Status.
  5. Now execute your Search.
  6. Select multiple Projects and then choose Change Project Status from the Actions menu.

  7. Select the new (non-Active) Project Status and click Start.

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