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When migrating ArtiosCAD to a new system (workstation or server), path statements may still point to the previous system.


When testing ArtiosCAD for the first time after migrating to a new system, certain standards, geometry macros, or functions of ArtiosCAD may fail to locate a file used in that function.

To locate the default that is failing,

In the ArtiosCAD defaults (Options > Defaults), look at any of the tabs and properties of the function. For example,

  • For a standard or geometry macro, check where the path points to for the file being used.
  • For the output report, check the path of the ARD report file.

To correct the issue of ArtiosCAD failing to locate the file,

  1. Locate the old path and file first (may require going back to the old system).
  2. Copy the file to the \serverlib directory (i.e. c:\esko\artios\artioscad12.0.1en\serverlib) in the new system.
  3. Re-point the path to the newly added file in \serverlib directory in the default.
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