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Verifying the proof accuracy against an Equinox Profile (CMYK verification is out of the scope of this KB) can be done in different ways:

  • With the Equinox Verification Strip

    The verification report isn't optimized for multicolor profiles. Hence it's not the ideal tool to evaluate.
  • One can also use the Check Strategy tool of the Color Engine Pilot but only with the normal multicolor and legacy Equinox overprint charts.

This article describes how one can verify the proof accuracy with Equinox Profile Creator. A benefit of this method is that one can evaluate each section individually and the statistics are ink independent, so it's natively not designer for CMYK only.


Create an Equinox Color Strategy.
The source profile is the (processed) Equinox profile and the destination profile is the proofer profile.

Proofing of the overprint charts

  1. Open the Equinox Profile Creator (EPC) and export the overprint charts (overprint chart library) you used to create the Equinox profile.

    The legacy Equinox overprint charts can be found in the bg_data_cms_v010\r\tim folder.
  2. Proof the Equinox overprint charts with the Equinox Color Strategy.

Create the reference data - export the press measurement data

  1. Start EPC.
  2. Open (right-click --> Open) the processed Equinox profile.
  3. Click the Open Sections button.

  4. Click the Show Larger preview and/or compare measurements... link.

  5. The CMYK section will be selected by default. Make sure that the Synchronized or Smooth data is selected in the Show drop-down list.

  6. Right-click in the measurements window and choose Export Measurements...

  7. Repeat this for all the other sections.

Create a new Equinox Profile for Verification

  1. Create a new Equinox profile with the same ink set as your processed Equinox profile.

    Use the same name and add the suffix _Verification.
    The synchronization settings are not important.
  2. Import the exported measurement data from step 4 of "Create the reference data - export the press measurement data".

  3. Measure the proofed chart.

    1. Select the CMYK section and click the Measure Chart... button.

    2. Select the correct overprint chart.

    3. Start the measurement process.

      Add the "proof" suffix when saving the measurement data. This way you clearly see which measurement data is the press and proof, when comparing.
    4. Repeat this for the remaining charts.

  4. Click the Show larger preview and/or compare measurements... link.

  5. Select the correct section and select the press data in the Show drop-down list and the proof data in the Compare with drop-down list.

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