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This article describes how the debuglevel information of the proof server log can be increased. It might be requested by GSSW in order to collect more useful informaiton so that the root cause of an issue with the proof server can be found.


  1. Stop the proof server (right click the green icon in the system tray and choose for Esko Proof Server > Stop).
  2. Change the value for the debuglevel to 3. The debuglevel option can be found in the file: x:\ProgramData\Esko\Proof\Server\Tickets\SYS_0000.xml.

    <Level type="int">3</Level>

    If the debug key is not in the XML file, then you should add it after the general key.

  3. Restart the proof server component by right-clicking the green icon in the system tray and clicking Restart.

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