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After a reboot, the Pilot user's access rights are changed.


Access rights have changed in the sense that users can not do all they could before. They are, for example, suddenly not able anymore to create jobs. If users were member of some group, they are no longer member of the group and groups seems to have disappeared.

Background information

For some reason, the users and/or groups configuration files has become corrupt. This can have different reasons ( f.e.: Automation Engine not stopped properly, power failure, etc).


Restore the users and groups configuration files from the last known good backup (a time of which you are sure all access rights were still OK).

Follow these step to restore only the users access rights and groups:

  1. Stop the Automation Engine Server software.
  2. Go to C:\Esko\bg_data_fastserver_v100\SECURE folder. Move the three files (bg.pwd, bg_roles.pwd and bg_uar.pwd) away to a temp folder (we suspect these files are getting corrupt for some reason).
  3. Go to the backup folder (typically they are in: C:\Esko\AEBackup\FullBackup__yyyy-mm-dd-hhmm\Users). Copy the files bg.pwd, bg_roles.pwd and bg_uar.pwd to the above mentioned SECURE folder.
  4. Start the Automation Engine Server software again.
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