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After rebooting the computer reboot, EG Web Server does not start.


After computer reboot, the EG Web Server (used for Server Admin) does not start.

When you manually start the EG Web Server service, the following error is displayed:

"Error 1069".


The user running the EG Web Server should be logged in as a Service.

  1. Go to Services and check if user EG Web Server is running (default BGSYSTEM).
  2. Open the Local Security Policy.
  3. Select Local Policies.
  4. Select User Rights Assignment.
  5. Select Log on as a service and add user EG Web Server is running, default BGSYSTEM or can be domain user.
  6. Restart the Computer.


  1. Go to Services.
  2. Select the EG Web Server.
  3. Go to the Logon tab and retype the password.
  4. Restart the service, this will temporarily solve the problem until next reboot!
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Automation Engine all versions

Last revised20-May-15
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