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This article describes how to customize the labels used in custom e-mail notifications.

Using the e-mail customization framework, it is possible to change these language strings. For example 'Project Manager' can be changed to 'Project Leader'. This change will affect all e-mail notification templates where this label is used.


Follow these steps to customize the e-mail notification language strings:

  1. Access the WebCenter Application Server.    
  2. Copy the file wcstrings_en from <root>:\Esko\Artios\WebCenter\ApplicationServer\EmailNotifications\default\languages

    Labels are localized, i.e. they are different per language. Which file needs to be customized depend on the general language setting in WebCenter. In this example, the language is set to English and therefore, the file wcstrings_en will be adapted. For example, in case of French, the file wcstrings_fr would need to be adapted.

  3. Paste the file into <root>:\Esko\Artios\WebCenter\ApplicationServer\EmailNotifications\custom\languages.

  4. Edit the file using a text editor such as Notepad++. Search for the label you wish to change and update the value. For example, search for ‘PROJECT_MANAGER_LABEL’ and change the value ‘Project Manager’ into ‘Project Leader’. 

     <lang_string key="PROJECT_MANAGER_LABEL" value="Project Leader"/>
  5. Save the modified file.

  6. Restart the WebCenter JBoss service.

If you trigger a new notification e-mail, the label will be updated to the new string.

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