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I have a proofing device in the Epson x900 series and want to perform the Check & Recalibrate procedure using the connected inline Spectrophotomer. However, the Proof Server returns an error stating that "<... Wrong chart type>", because the inline measurement device is of type ILS30.

How to detect which type of inline Spectrophotometer is installed in the printer (early models were shipped with the ILS20, from 2015 mainly ILS30):

  • It is indicated on the side of the measurement hardware.
  • From the Printer's menu: go to Options Setup > Spectroproofer > Status Information > Device Version.
  • Type the IP address of the printer in a browser window. You get to the information page of the printer. Under Optional Device Information and Color Measurement Device Firmware Version you find the type as well.


You can use Color Engine Pilot 14.1 to recalibrate with the ILS30 inline Spectrophotometer by setting up an environment variable. Follow these steps:

  1. Close Color Engine Pilot if it is open.
  2. Right-click the Computer icon on your desktop to open the contextual menu and click Properties.
  3. Click Advanced System Settings.
  4. Click the Environment Variables... button.
  5. Under System variables, click New...
  6. Enter variable name as KSCOPE_ILS30 and variable value 1.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Click OK.
  9. Restart Color Engine Pilot. Recalibration will now support the ILS30.
Color Engine Pilot can either support the ILS30 or the older ILS20 inline Spectrophotometer, but not both at the same time. To switch back to the ILS20, follow the above steps again, but this time enter value 0 instead of 1.
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Color Engine Pilot 14.1

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