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The XML file created by ArtPro when creating a Dot Gain Compensation curve fails when using it after editing it.


When you create a XML file for the Dot Gain Compensation in ArtPro and then you edit it in TextEdit, the file might not work anymore when you use it (for e.g.: exporting to PS and attaching this XML or using it in an Action List), the error that can appear is:

"ERROR: Dotgain file "Path of the file XML" not found" in Automation Engine using the Action List.

or "Not a validArtPro Dot Gain File" if printing a PS in ArtPro.


The encoding used by TextEdit on the Mac to save the XML file is not supported. An alternative advanced text or XML editor will overcome this issue. Examples could be textwrangler, bbedit, xmlspear, notepad ++, etc.

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