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The Job Order ID is truncated to 32 characters in Automation Engine when a Sync Workflow operation happens in WebCenter using an Order ID of more than 32 characters.


  • The Order ID of your Job in Automation Engine is shorter than expected.
  • Multiple Projects in WebCenter sync to the same Job.
  • Submit Workflow nodes launch their Workflow in the wrong Job.


The Order ID sent by WebCenter should contain less than 32 characters to avoid problems.

When you configure a Project to connect to a Workflow Connection, the Project Name SmartName is used as Order ID by default.

To workaround the problem, you can either:

  • Make sure your Project Name contains less than 32 characters.
  • Use another SmartName as Order ID by clicking the SmartName button next to the field and picking one from the list (e.g. a Project Attribute containing less than 32 characters).

In case a Submit Workflow node is used in one of the Workflows, you might want to change the Order ID in the Parameters panel of the node as well to find back the right Job to launch the Workflow in.

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WebCenter 12 and newer

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