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Via the Automation Engine Configure tool, you can create a connection to the Imaging Engine. When you click the Connect button, the following error appears:

"No Imagine Engine available on host. Please enter a host that supports Imaging Engine".


You can't connect to the Imaging Engine server, so you will not be able to rip files


  1. Go to your Imaging Engine server > right click on the task bar to open the contextual menu > click Start Task Manager to open the Windows Task Manager.
  2. Go to the Processes tab and check whether the following processes are available:
    1. PixelmachineCTPworker.exe (the amount of these can differ depending on the amount of configured workers)
    2. PixelmachineCTPController.exe
    3. PixelmachineWatchDogServer.exe
  3. If those processes are not available, you can reboot the Imaging Engine server or you can go to the Windows Server Manager > Configuration > Services and restart the bgmd service.
  4. After it's restarted, the processes mentioned above should be shown again in the Task Manager. If this is the case, try to connect again to the Imaging Engine.
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Automation Engine 14.0 and newer

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