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How to download 3D files from Shapes?


Since July 2015, there are some changes to the Shapes server, no matter what version of Studio you are running:

  1. You need an Esko ID to log into Shapes (new since July 2015).
  2. There is a set of approx. 20 free samples, that are free for anybody to download.
  3. The rest of the shapes are only available for customers with a maintenance contract or an active subscription.

So, if you are running a Studio trial, then you can download the free samples.

If you purchase a Studio subscription, you will be able to download the other shapes.You can purchase subscriptions online.

If you have purchased Studio and you want to download the other shapes, then you have to sign up for a maintenance contract or move to a Studio subscription. You can contact your local Sales Representative for more information.

If you have purchased shapes in the past, then you will still be able to download them.
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