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Through our online Support & Education platform on, you can:

  • create new Support Cases yourself,
  • follow up on existing Support Cases,
  • instantly contact one of our e-Support Engineers via Live Chat (pending availability)

Step by step


If you don't want to search for solutions, and just want to contact one of our support engineers, go to and skip to step 4 in the procedure below.

Watch the video:


Or read the instructions here to find out what you need to do:

1Browse to and click Support in the main menu.

Before you register a support case, try finding an answer in our extensive product documentation and knowledge base - just type your query in the Find an answer box and hit Enter!

Now check the Knowledge Base articles and user manuals that your search has returned. You can use the search tools on the search results page to limit your search to the Knowledge Base, to the documentation, the system requirements, or even just a single product.

3Still could not find the answer to your question? Proceed to create a Support Case by choosing Support > Contact Support in the main menu. 
Click Register a Support Case Online and sign in with your Esko ID (if you were not already signed in on
You will enter the Support Community, where you will see your personal Profile and update feed. 
5Click the Cases tab once you are in the Support Community, and click Actions > Create Case.
6Fill out the New Case form and provide us with as much details as you can. Giving us information such as the product and version to which your question relates will allow us to help you faster. Click Submit to create the support case.
Now that your case has been created, you will receive an e-mail confirmation, and you will see the case in the list of Cases in the Support Community.
Feel free to send us additional information or reply to our queries by using the Post feature in on the case - by using Posts in our portal, all the information about the case remains available online, instead of being buried in a personal mailbox. 
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