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Since July 9th 2015, I'm no longer able to open the Shapes store with my existing Shapes or Esko Support Account.


When trying to do an Open or Place from Shapes, Shapes dialog opens but will not log in.

The following dialog is displayed and it will be impossible to use the existing account to log in:


First of all, Shapes is no longer a store where you can buy 3D models. Shapes are now free for everyone with a Studio subscription or with a full Studio maintenance contract.

Trial users will not be able to buy shapes, but we offer a subset of around 20 models for free download.

More about the new Shapes implementation can be found in the following KB article:

From July 9th 2015 onwards, Shapes will only accept Esko IDs as login.

If you already have an Esko ID, then please open the Shapes preferences and update the info or fill out the Esko ID in the Shapes login screen.

If you do not have an Esko ID, please click the Create a Shapes Account link under the Not yet an Esko customer section. This will open a page where you are able to create a new Esko ID or even reset your existing password.

Existing 'Shapes account' users were invited by e-mail to migrate their account. The 'Esko Support Account' users were invited some time ago to move to the new Esko ID.

If login problems persist, please create a support call on

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