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If the Windows computer name is changed, the SQL Server name must also be changed because this can give problems with Automation Engine.


Follow the steps given below to rename the SQL Server name:

  1. Logon to the SQL Server Management Studio with an administrative user, default sa.
  2. Click on New Query.
  3. Type Print @@SERVERNAME

  4.  Click Execute to see the name of the SQL Server.
  5. If this name does not match with the computer name then perform the next steps:

    do next query:
    sp_dropserver 'name'    -> name found with Print @@SERVERNAME

  6.  Click Execute.

    do next query:
    sp_addserver 'newname', local  -> newname= computername
  7. Click Execute.
  8. Restart the SQL Server afterwards in Services or via SQL Configuration Manager.
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