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When migrating or moving ArtiosCAD to a new system, the installation cannot reference previous defaults because the defaults exist on a different system. This only applies to migrating or moving the exact same version and build to another system (i.e. ArtiosCAD V12.1.1 on the old system to ArtiosCAD V12.1.1 on the new system). ArtiosCAD defaults CANNOT be migrated or moved between to dissimilar versions (i.e. ArtiosCAD V12.0 to ArtiosCAD V14.0.2).


To setup the defaults to be copied over to the new system, both the old and the new system will need to be accessible across the network. As a reminder to the IT department, do not re-image systems prior to removing licenses or defaults.

ArtiosCAD has a directory named \serverlib that contains a file named "SYSDFLT.ADF". This directory and file contains all the defaults for ArtiosCAD.

  1. After ArtiosCAD is installed on the new system, open Windows Explorer and navigate to the old system's drive where ArtiosCAD is installed (i.e. c:\esko\artios\artioscad12.1.1en).
  2. On the new system, open another Windows Explorer and navigate to the similar directory.
  3. Rename the new system's \serverlib directory to \serverlib-default.
  4. Return to the old systems Explorer window, right click on \serverlib and copy this directory.
  5. In the new system Explorer window, right click and paste the \serverlib directory.  A new \serverlib directory should appear.

Be sure to share the new defaults directory via Windows Explorer and ensure each client is pointing to the new share in the registry:

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