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Some virus scanners (we know off Kaspersky Small Office Security) report malicious software when installing the Esko Local License Manager.


While installing the Esko Local License Manager, the virus scanner reports there is malware detected in the file SubscriptionService.exe.


Kaspersky has updated their database, so the solution is to use the later Kaspersky database.


The workaround is two steps.

  1. Add an exception to the virus scanner rules, by adding the program SubscriptionService of the supplier 'Esko BVBA' with this file location C:\Esko\bg_prog_locallicman_v010\bin_ix86\SubscriptionService\SubscriptionService.exe to the list of trusted programs, to not measure program activity.
  2. Rerun the Esko Local License Manager installer. The Esko Subscription Service will now install correctly.
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