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This article describes how to clean up the installed EPL files.

During the installation process of the Esko Profiles, one should select only the EPL files which are needed. The connection with the Proof server can become unstable when all EPL files are installed, typically the Send to Proof server task fails to connect with the Proof server.


  1. Open the Proof client.

  2. Switch to the System Manager view.

  3. Go to File > Backup.
  4. Locate the EPL location.
    1. Select an output device.
    2. Click the Media tab.
    3. Click the Catalog... button next to the list of EPL files (Calibration set).
    4. The location is shown next to the File Path.
  5. Make a backup of the EPL location (typically C:\ProgramData\Esko\Esko Profiles).

  6. Close the Proof client and shutdown the Proof server.
  7. Remove all the files from Esko Profiles folder.
  8. Restart the Proof server.
  9. Open the Proof client.
  10. Restore the Proof server backup (FileRestore) and restart the Proof server.
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