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When working with canvases, occasionally, the following warning message appears:

"Canvas/Part workflow only supports Revision Disk File Format: Don't put revision extension on first revision."

Why does the canvas workflow in ArtiosCAD only support one revision disk file format?


ArtiosCAD has two revision schemes as specified under Defaults > Startup defaults > Revision Disk File Format:

This option controls how the disk files are named when new revisions are created. The following table show an example of the revision name sequence for each scheme for a design named BOX, when there are 4 revisions:


Don't put revision extension

on latest revision

Don't put revision extension

on first revision


Notice that under the scheme Don't put revision extension on the latest revision, it is impossible to tell that the file BOX.ARD is revision "D" just by looking at the name. For this and other technical and performance reasons, it was decided that the canvas workflow will just support the revision scheme Don't put revision extension on first revision, which can clearly identify a revision based on the filename generated.

Luckily, switching to this revision scheme is straightforward and can be done in two ways:

  • Just Switch the Option
    Simply switching the Revision Disk File Format in Defaults will not automatically search all the disk files and resequence them according to this new scheme. However, the next time you do a Save As Revision of a design (or manufacturing file), the disk files for earlier version of this design will be transparently adjusted to the new scheme (e.g.: BOX_~.ARD will be renamed to BOX.ARD). One drawback of using this option is that for a period of time, you will have a mixture of revision schemes on disk.
  • Just Switch the Option and AutoLoad
    A second alternative is to switch the Revision Disk File Format in Defaults and then AutoLoad all files to adjust the revision scheme to the new format. It is suggested that the following AutoLoad Synchronization options be used in this case.

The benefit of using this option is that the revision scheme for all the files are switched to the new format, however, this may prove to be a lengthy exercise based on the number of pre-existing designs/manufacturing files.

Before changing the Revision Disk File Format, special consideration should be given to assure that any external applications or business systems do not rely on a particular disk file format and can still work using the new revision scheme.
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ArtiosCAD 14.1.1

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