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Where can I locate a multi-page Narrow Web EyeOne/ i1Pro/ i1iO chart?


Browse to esko/bg_data_cms_v010/r/tim. There you will find the following layouts:

  • For the X-Rite i1:
    i1_eci2002_narrow_web_p(1 to 5).pdf
  • For the X-Rite i1iO:
    i1io_eci2002_narrow_web_p(1 to 3).pdf

You can also look up the location of the profiling chart of your choice in the Color Engine Pilot:

Also, the Equinox Profile Creator application allows you to create your own narrow web profiling charts. Creating and measuring charts with this application doesn't require a license. The resulting measurement files can be imported in Color Engine Pilot to create a profile.

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